Alex Powers


  1. Art in America monthly magazine; 800-925-8059; no website; $39.95/yr.
  2. ARTnews magazine
  3. The Palette Magazine


  1. Art critics to Google:

a)   Dave Hickey

b)   Peter Plagens

c)   Christopher Knight, L.A. Times

d)   Deborah Solomon

e)   Arthur Danto

  1., and your favorite  museums, galleries, etc.


  1. Art in the 21st Century; the artists, not the critics, do the narration exness;

4 episodes every other year since 2001; all 20 available:


b)   Netflix.

  1. Ovation TV cable channel; arts programming; lots of reruns but still worth checking occasionally.



  1.       Hockney at the Tate; 1988; DVD; David Hockney talking interestingly and humorously in front of his paintings; Netflix.
  2. The Cool School;   DVD; contemporary Los Angeles painters during the Abstract Expressionist era;  Netflix.
  3. Painters Painting; DVD; 2 hrs.; interviews with Abstract Expressionist painters; Netflix.
  4. Goya: Crazy Like a Genius; DVD; Robert Hughes on the life of Spanish painter Francisco Goya; 1 hr. 15 min.; Netflix.
  5. Behind the Scenes; DVD; David Hockney; PBS with Penn & Teller; Creativity; Netflix exness sign up.
  6. Who Gets to Call It Art?; DVD; Henry Geldzahler’s recollections and interviews with David Hockney, James Rosenquist and Frank Stella; Netflix.
  7. David Hockney: The Colors of Music; DVD; landscape; melded his hearing loss and artistic gifts to make opera a visual experience; Netflix.
  8. Robert Irwin; The Beauty of Questions, video; not in Netflix; 1 hr.
  9.       100 years of Modern Art showing every key artist;
    a wonderful summary; narrated by Orson Wells (1hr. 40min) exness forex broker



  1. The Art of Richard Diebenkorn; large paperback book; $39.95, Whitney Museum of Art.
  2. Robert Rauschenberg; large book; $45 paperback, Guggenheim Museum of Art.
  3. Robert Irwin; Forgetting the Name of the Thing That One Sees; small paperback book.
  4. Varieties of Visual Experience; Edmund Burke Feldman.
  5. A Fine Disregard; Kirk Varnadoe.
  6. Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art since Pollack; Kirk Varnadoe.

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